Games, Gays and Everything Else

I’ve tried so so hard to fix my relationship with my dad but I reach out to him and every time he makes some huge fuck up where he denies the legitimacy of my experiences and my pain. This has happened more times than I can count. It’s a cycle where I forget how he has hurt me and try to fix things, things seem okay, and then he fucks me over again. All to repeat after enough time has passed and I regain a shred of hope about our relationship getting better.

I just… Am so angry and so disappointed. And I’m not even angry at him, as much as I’m angry at myself for keeping regaining hope that he can change and get better. I truly understand why the last thing at the bottom of Pandora box was hope. It wasn’t to give people hope, but to give contrast to the horrors released, and keep people engaged with the toxic promise of change.

What I learned at McDonald’s.

Black children are well behaved but white children are monsters.

Why isnt it enough to kill their top laner and their jungler 3 times when the jungle ganks? Why is it so hard to matter against 4 people who dont do anything on your team……

How can i win when every game has a laner who goes 1-8 at best….. idk how to carry harder than that…… im trying but idk what to do. I am legit without a clue.

I get it.

The appeal of blue build ezreal is that when you win with it you feel like you are god actual factual god.